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Understandably, the concept of death can be a hard topic for many to consider thinking about, which can often result in numerous individuals failing to create a valid Will.

At Heringtons Solicitors, we recommend creating a Will as soon as possible in life. A Will isn’t just for elderly people, it should be something all individuals consider writing, especially where you purchase property, when children are born, when you get married and where you have extensive assets, including cars, investments and savings.

Creating a Will is incredibly important to ensure your final wishes are followed exactly as you want them to be. Without having a Will in place, your estate will be distributed under the rules of intestacy, meaning the people you want to benefit from your estate might not be able to and stopping you from being able to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax on your estate.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our Will writing solicitors’ aim is to make creating a Will as easy a process as possible. Our solicitors are compassionate and supportive and will ensure that your every wish is exactly followed, giving you complete peace of mind about the future of your loved ones when you are no longer around.

Our friendly East Sussex solicitors are specialist Will writing experts and can assist with matters including:

  • Writing a Will
  • Updating a Will
  • Statutory Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Will storage
  • Inheritance Tax planning

Our solicitors have many years of combined experience helping a range of clients with many different Will matters in Eastbourne and the surrounding East Sussex areas. Our team have assisted with straightforward cases, such as writing a Will to applying to the Court of Protection for a statutory Will, as well as Will matters more complex, including where an estate is considered as high net worth.

When you choose to work with our Will writing solicitors, you can trust us to:

  • Explain all your appropriate options in plain, easy-to-comprehend English – this ensures you are fully aware of your options and can make the best decisions for you and your circumstances
  • Always be on hand to offer support where you need it – no matter your circumstances and needs, our solicitors are on the other end of the phone or email to offer our supportive assistance 
  • Always be transparent about our costs – before the outset, we will advise on the expected costs and payment methods, either fixed fees or an hourly rate. For more information on our costs, please call our Eastbourne office

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Our Will writing services in Eastbourne

Writing a Will

Where you don’t yet have a Will written in place, our Will writing solicitors can provide advice and guidance to suitably assist you, meaning you know exactly where your money, property and personal possessions are going to be left in the event of your death. Writing a Will also makes matters easier for your family and friends to handle whilst they are experiencing grief over your passing.

Our Will writing solicitors will take the time to understand your circumstances and provide tailored advice to best suit you. Where you have any outstanding debts, we will explain how they will be owed, advise whether life insurance is suitable and recommend what needs to be included in your Will, as well as many other important matters.

Our Will writing solicitors can assist with matters such as:

  • Drafting a Will
  • Choose Will executors
  • Deciding who your assets will go to
  • Selecting legal guardians for any children 
  • Letter of final wishes – for example, funeral arrangements, explanation of your provisions, where important documents are located, etc.

Updating a Will

Even where you might have already created a Will through our solicitors or another firm, it is almost certain that circumstances in your personal life will change over the years. For this reason, our solicitors will always recommend updating your Will every five years or where significant life events occur.

Our Will writing solicitors can assist with updating your Will where major life events occur, including:

  • Getting married – any Wills prior to marriage become void
  • Getting divorced
  • Having children
  • Buying property

Our Will writing solicitors will be able to appropriately advise you of the best steps to suit these new circumstances. We will overlook your current Will and provide guidance on amendments we would propose doing, along with delivering our expert advice in concern to Inheritance Tax where your assets exceed the nil rate band.

Once the changes are determined, our Will writing solicitors can assist with updating your Will either with a legally binding codicil or creating a new Will if more appropriate.

Statutory Wills

Where a family member has sadly lost their mental capacity without having an appropriate Will in place or where circumstances have changed since they had written their Will previously, it is possible for an individual, whether a Deputy or Attorney, to apply to the Court of Protection for a statutory Will on behalf of the person who lacks mental capacity.  

We work closely with our clients who need assistance with making a statutory Will for a mentally incapacitated person, providing the utmost sensitivity throughout along with our specialist advice on such matters.

Where you wish to apply to create a statutory Will for an incapacitated person, our solicitors will provide advice as to whether you are eligible, and where you are, we will instruct you through the appropriate steps, such as applying to the Court of Protection for a statutory Will.

Living Wills

Unfortunately, there may come the point in our lives where we lose mental capacity and are unable to make decisions on our health care. A Living Will, otherwise known as an advance decision are available for people to make such decisions ahead of time. This could be concerning treatments, resuscitation, and other critical medical matters.

Our solicitors have a wealth of combined experience, having helped many people create Living Wills in the event they may not be able to make decisions on their own behalf in the future.

Our Living Wills solicitors can assist with the following matters:

  • Drafting a living Will
  • Selecting medical treatment that you do not wish to receive
  • Deciding if you want lifesaving treatment to be stopped at a particular point
  • Deciding if you don’t want resuscitating at a particular point

Inheritance Tax planning

When our Will writing solicitors assist with the drafting of your Will, we can take the time to look at your estate and where your assets exceed the inheritance tax nil rate band (£325,000), we will provide advice on the best way possible to reduce the amount of inheritance tax your estate will be required to pay.

Our Will writing solicitors can deliver assistance on Inheritance Tax planning, such as:

  • Leaving money to charity
  • Spending money whilst alive
  • Leaving gifts
  • Leaving an estate entirely to a spouse
  • Equity release

Will storage

In addition to our solicitors aiding you with matters concerning writing, updating and other aspects of Wills, we are able to safely store your Will. By storing your Will with a solicitor, it will provide your family with certainty over where they can find your Will after you have passed away.

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