Business Law Solicitors in Eastbourne

Having proper legal advice for your business can prove imperative. Effective legal advice ensures a high chance of success and can help to protect a business’s interests and reputation and save money, such as in the event of a dispute.

At Heringtons, our business law solicitors in Eastbourne can be a significant asset to your team by putting strong foundations for success in place. 

Problems in business can be detrimental, so acquiring the guidance of a solicitor is paramount. At Heringtons, our specialist business law solicitors have exceptional knowledge and understanding in all levels of business law matters, including those more pressing cases.

Your business is important, and we recognise that disputes can have a harmful impact on its future. At Heringtons Solicitors, we have a substantial level of expertise in a variety of business law matters, including:

  • Commercial property
  • Buying and selling your business
  • Buying and selling your company
  • Partnership matters
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Commercial dispute resolution

At Heringtons Solicitors, our business law solicitors will always aim to take a constructive and strategic approach to resolve disputes where methods are less contentious and more cost-effective.

In most business law instances, our client’s won’t need to step inside a courtroom. We use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as private negotiation, mediation and more, depending on the most appropriate option.

When you instruct our business law lawyers, you can trust us to:

  • Explain all your options in plain, easy-to-understand English – so you can make the best decisions for your business
  • Always be there for your business when it need support – all you need to do is pick up the phone or drop a direct email to your business law solicitor
  • Be upfront and honest about our costs – a detailed quote and certainty about our fees from start to finish. Contact us for advice about business law services

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Our business law services in Eastbourne

Commercial property

Commercial property is often a significant and valuable business asset. When making impactful decisions such as choosing a property for a start up business or relocating your established business, acquiring legal advice from an experienced solicitor is imperative.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our specialist team is here to support you, ensuring delays are sidestepped, and the process runs smoothly.

Our commercial property service includes:

  • Buying and selling investment property
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Commercial leases
  • Commercial landlord and tenant matters
  • Agricultural property
  • Secured lending
  • Commercial property disputes

Find more about our commercial property services in Eastbourne.

Buying and selling your business

The process of buying and selling a business can be complicated, with many aspects to consider, such as the agreement. This agreement will include important matters, such as what will be included/excluded in the transaction, apportioning the sale/purchase price between the range of elements, VAT, property aspects, employee rights or the transfer of operating licences.

Our solicitors recognise the complexity and can streamline the entire process, ensuring everything is correctly handled, such as your legal terms are met. Our team can always make certain the right terms are proposed and that your investment is protected.

Buying and selling your company

Buying and selling a company can be lengthy and complex without the support of a legal professional. Whether you’re buying or selling, your investment is important, and our solicitors can ensure you get the most value out of it. Seeking the support of a solicitor is essential to make certain all legal issues are covered, and you are in full compliance with the relevant legal processes.

Our solicitors have helped many of our clients buy and sell companies, having considerable skill and knowledge in all aspects.

Our business law solicitors in Eastbourne can provide support with matters such as:

  • Guiding you through due diligence
  • Indemnities
  • Warranties
  • Disclosure
  • Company law implications

Partnership matters

Many businesses are partnerships and are governed by the Partnership Act 1890,  which is outdated and often causes considerable issues should a dispute arise. Setting up an effective partnership agreement is essential, and our solicitors can provide specialist advice and assistance. 

At Heringtons Solicitors, our team have substantial expertise and a broad scope of knowledge in all types of partnership matters and can provide specialist guidance to support you and your best interests.

Our team of business law solicitors in Eastbourne can assist with partnership matters, including:

  • Forming a business partnership
  • Adding new partners to the partnership
  • Amending or updating a partnership agreement
  • Exiting a business partnership

Shareholder agreements

Shareholders are those who own shares in companies and can play a beneficial role. Having the right legal advice and support and putting precautions in place are crucial. Our shareholder agreement solicitors in Eastbourne have substantial expertise and knowledge.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our shareholder agreement lawyers have worked with various clients across multiple industries in all types of shareholder agreement matters, including supporting complex shareholder disputes. With our assistance, your shareholder interests can be protected.

Our shareholder agreements solicitors can assist with matters including:

  • Advice on the benefits of shareholder agreements
  • Advising the types of suitable shareholder agreements
  • Drafting a shareholder agreement
  • Reviewing the terms of a shareholder agreement
  • Support with shareholder agreement disputes

Commercial contracts

Putting commercial contracts in place is crucial to protect your business’s interests, helping to create strong commercial relationships and have protection in the event of any problems occurring.

The terms of a commercial contract are crucial, and our Eastbourne solicitors can provide assistance in drafting or reviewing a contract, making sure it is tailored and aligned with your business.

Our commercial contract solicitors in Eastbourne can aid with putting robust commercial contracts in place for matters including:

  • Supply of goods
  • Supply of services
  • Terms of business
  • Promotion agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Private secured lending

Commercial dispute resolution

Businesses can suffer from serious consequences when experiencing a commercial dispute. Aspects such as reputation, finances and more can be seriously harmed, so receiving the right legal advice at the earliest opportunity is necessary.

Our solicitors in Eastbourne will guide you towards alternative commercial dispute resolution methods, which are often less contentious, quicker and cost-effective. The Heringtons Solicitors can help even for those matters considered more complex.

Find more about our commercial dispute resolution services in Eastbourne.

Our business law fees in Eastbourne

Before conducting any type of business law services, our solicitors will ensure you are provided with a clear cost estimate from the outset.

Where possible, we will keep our business law services to a minimum, including delivering outstanding service on a fixed fee basis where possible. For more complicated matters, hourly rates may be better suited.

Get in touch with our friendly, experienced business law solicitors in Eastbourne

For advice about business law services, contact our solicitors in Eastbourne.

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