Business Services

We offer a wide range of services for businesses covering property and other commercial aspects such as buying and selling, contractual and financial matters.  We can act for you whether you are a landlord or tenant, business owner or investor, whatever the size of the business or commercial entity.    

How we can help

We provide a written estimate of our fees and any other costs that you will have to pay.  Here are the main commercial services that we offer.

Buying or selling investment property

If you own office, retail, industrial or other commercial property subject to existing tenancies or other forms of occupancy that you intend to sell or buy, we can take care of all aspects of this process.

Residential and commercial development

Are you intending to sell land to residential or commercial developers?  Are you a developer intending to acquire such land? These type of transactions may be complicated by factors such as obtaining planning permission or may be subject to clawback (overage) provisions. These need to be carefully drafted in order to protect your interests.

Buying or selling your business

If you are intending to sell or buy a business, you will need to ensure that all of the details are dealt with in the sale and purchase agreement - such as what is to be included or excluded, apportioning the sale/purchase price between the various elements, VAT, property aspects, rights of employees or the transfer of operating licences.

Buying or selling your company

If you are buying or selling a company, we can guide you through the complex due diligence process, advise on indemnities, warranties, disclosure and any associated company law implications.

Partnership matters

Advising when you want to form a business partnership, or if you are already a partner and wish to retire, take on new partners or modify or update an existing partnership agreement to tie in with current arrangements and practises, we will be pleased to assist.

Commercial leases and other commercial landlord and tenant matters

We advise on all landlord and tenant matters including the negotiation of new commercial leases, assignments of existing leases, under-lettings, variation of leases, licences to occupy, alterations to leasehold premises, repairing obligations, Stamp Duty Land Tax and land registration.

Shareholder agreements

Certain matters are rarely properly dealt with in a company’s Articles of Association.  These include what happens if your fellow shareholders wish to sell their shares to someone that you don’t know, or what happens to your shares if you die.  A lot of private companies are established by purchasing off the shelf, ready-made companies whose constitutions may not dovetail either well or at all with the arrangements originally envisaged between shareholders.  We can help ensure the clear, accurate recording of all types of shareholder agreement so that both the individual and the business are protected.

Commercial contracts

We advise on contracts for the supply of goods or services, terms of business, promotion agreements, agency agreements, private secured lending and more.

Agricultural property

We can provide detailed advice on the sale and purchase of agricultural property, creation of farm business tenancies and protected agricultural tenancies.

Secured lending

We provide a comprehensive service for clients who seek to borrow from commercial mortgage lenders.  We can advise on all aspects including facility agreements, debentures, legal charges and acting as guarantor.

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