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Welcome to Heringtons Solicitors


At this time law firm services are not one of the businesses that the Government has been required to close but we do have to adhere to safe working practices.  

Whilst we can no longer accept any appointments in the office technology offers us solutions to discuss new and current matters by phone, Skype, Facetime or other video conferencing options. 

Our lawyers may be able to attend at your home but only if appropriate social distancing is possible.  The Government requires that everyone stays at home save for specified purposes and legal business is not one of those purposes.

We are currently receiving queries from people asking how they can make or amend a Will with us at this time when it is difficult to conduct usual everyday activities.  With this in mind we have put together some clarific​ation as to how best we can assist in this section of our website here

Please send documents electronically if at all possible.  Although we expect to monitor incoming post and deliveries, circumstances may prevent this so please bear that in mind when sending urgent and important documents.  If in doubt please just give us a ring or email your lawyer.  If you have difficulty getting a message to your lawyer please use the contact page on this website or telephone 01424 434192.

Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday if you wish to speak to us.  Outside these times an answering service will take your call and ensure that your message is passed to the right person.

Please be aware that although we are committed to delivering a service to our clients within Government guidelines, many other organisations upon which we rely are closing.  For example it is difficult to arrange removals for those moving house, accessing funds for those seeking a mortgage or contacting other conveyancers.  If you are involved in a property transaction we recommend that you read the Government’s latest advice which can be found here

Although we usually like to meet our clients in person at some stage so as to provide assurance of identity we do have online facilities to check scanned identity documents.  We do require some additional information but nothing that should not be readily accessible.

We have technical measures in place to ensure the security of our systems and the data they hold.  We regularly train our staff on cyber risks and the precautions required when working from home.

We must expect unusual levels of sickness absence.  Appropriate auto reply messages will be sent giving alternative lawyers to contact.  Please pay careful attention to these and re-send your email to an alternative address if so requested.  Email communication is very much preferred but if that is not possible, please ring.

We are confident that, by taking this approach, we can ensure that public health is protected and that your matter is dealt with as efficiently as possible.


Richard Fisher 
Managing Partner & Solicitor