Family Law Solicitors

Our family law team led by Natalie Jones deals with all “family” related issues – whether you are preparing for a new relationship, ending an existing one, dealing with disputes, or need advice about anything related to children. Relationship breakdown in particular is often a difficult and emotional time and our aim is to provide you with assurance and independent support as well as expert legal help and advice.

Whatever your circumstances, you’re probably wondering what working with us would be like, how long everything might take, and how much it’s likely to cost you.

We charge a fixed fee for your initial appointment and in that meeting we:

  • Ask various questions to get to know you and your situation
  • Explain how we work and the area of law relevant to you
  • Outline the different options open to you for resolving your particular situation

Usually these are:

  • We can brief and support you to enable you to manage your own discussions with those involved
  • Mediation with the support of a professional mediator which keeps you in control, in a safe environment and ensures balance and equality during discussions
  • Our direct involvement – we take on all or part of the negotiation for you
  • Resolving your situation by involving the courts – either because you choose to or because you are obliged to by others.         

We find many situations can be settled without having to go to court and we always aim to advise you on the most cost effective solution open to you. 

Our promise

Family law is our area of expertise and Natalie and her team regularly see many different families dealing with many different situations. We always:

  • Listen carefully and provide honest and realistic advice
  • Explain any legal terms that are new to you or that you find confusing
  • Use our knowledge and expertise to help ease any tensions or anxieties that may arise
  • Respond to you and answer your questions in timely and helpful way
  • Keep in touch with regular updates and any potential changes to quoted costs or fees

For further information or to speak to one of our experts please call us on: