Separation and divorce

Dealing with the breakdown or the ending of a relationship can be a difficult and stressful time with many questions and concerns – about the process itself, how you stand financially and what might happen to your home and other assets.

How our divorce solicitors can help

  • Advising on all aspects of relationship breakdown including divorce and judicial separation
  • Advising you about the division of matrimonial assets on divorce including property, savings, investments, pensions and maintenance for both spouses and children
  • If you are a non-married couple, advising as to the claims you may be entitled to make following the breakdown of your relationship
  • Helping you, if appropriate, through mediation

Topics we typically cover in our initial meeting

How it all works: What are the different grounds for divorce, whether or not you have to go to court, how long the whole divorce process might take and how much it might cost you.

Financial: Whether the reason for the separation affects your financial settlement, how you stand in relation to maintenance, whether your spouse has a claim on any inheritance you’ve received during your marriage, and whether you have an interest in your spouse’s pension.

Home and property: What happens if you leave the family home or if you stay. You may be wondering if you will have to sell your home at some point or what happens if it is registered in just one person’s name or what claim your spouse may have on property you owned before you got married.

Whatever is on you mind, we can explain how things work and explore the various different options open to you.

Helpful tips from our family law team

  • Give thought to closing all joint accounts which have an overdraft facility so that neither of you can raise debt for which the other person could be jointly liable
  • Make sure you update your will post separation or divorce
  • If you and your spouse own any property jointly, you will need to check exactly how you own it as this will affect what happens to your share in the property on your death
  • Do not remarry before you have resolved the finances
  • Do not sign any documents in relation to the separation or divorce without first obtaining legal advice

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