Child Arrangement Order Solicitors

When a relationship breaks down or there are other difficulties or disputes within the family, we can help you achieve a workable, practical co-parenting arrangement focussed on the needs of your children. Issues relating to children can be particularly sensitive and we offer a calm and reassuring presence as we guide you through the relevant aspects of the law and help you make the most appropriate decisions for your family.

How our children law solicitors can help

  • Arrangements for the children following the breakdown of a relationship to determine with whom a child shall live and with whom they should spend time
  • Child maintenance agreements
  • Parental responsibility disputes
  • Change of a child’s name
  • Domestic and international relocation
  • Special guardianship
  • Rights for grandparents

Topics we typically cover in our initial meeting

How it all works: How quickly your case might be dealt with, who has parental responsibility and what that means, whether you are entitled to or have to pay child maintenance, and your options in relation to mediation.

Contact: You may have questions about whether or not your extended family have a right to maintain a relationship with your child or if you have to force your child to spend time with their other parent if they don’t want to. We also explain what a contact centre is and how it works.

What you are able to do: Such as change your child’s name, move away with your children or take them on holiday.

What happens if you need to go to court: You may be concerned about your child having to be involved in court proceedings or being expected to give evidence – or want to know more about Child Arrangements Orders. We also discuss Cafcass – the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service – and the support they can give to you and your children. 

Whatever is on you mind, we can explain how things work and explore the various different options open to you. 

Helpful tips from our family law team in East Sussex

  • Keep a written diary or calendar to record the time the children spend with you
  • Do not put in writing (a letter, email, or text message) anything you would not want to be seen by a judge
  • Avoid using social media at all costs
  • Although we know this can be challenging, try to remain child focussed at all times

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