Relationship Agreement Solicitors

Relationship agreements bring clarification and peace of mind and offer legal protection in the event that a relationship ends.

How our family law solicitors can help

  • Pre-marital agreements setting out what is intended to happen to your money and property if your marriage were to end
  • Post-nuptial agreements - like pre-marital agreements but executed after you get married
  • Cohabitation agreements for non-married couples to protect your personal assets before moving in with your partner

If you are thinking about whether or not you need a legally binding contract, you may be wondering about certain aspects such as:

  • Is a relationship agreement enforceable?
  • What if our financial circumstances change?
  • What if we have children?
  • How soon before the wedding should we finalise a pre-marital agreement?
  • What sort of things can be included in a cohabitation agreement?

During our initial meeting we can discuss all aspects of relationship agreements, help you decide if you want to proceed with an agreement and, if so, what to include given your particular circumstances.

Helpful tips from our family law team

If you own property and you are considering moving your partner in and placing that property into joint names, make sure you consider a Declaration of Trust if you want to limit your partner’s interest in the property.

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