Domestic Abuse Solicitors

We represent victims of domestic abuse and those who are alleged perpetrators. Whichever situation you are in you can benefit from our expert, honest advice and support.

How our domestic abuse solicitors can help

We deal with court proceedings in respect of protective orders in cases involving domestic abuse, including applications for a Non-Molestation Order and an Occupation Order.  

Depending on your situation, you may be asking:

  • What constitutes domestic abuse?
  • How quickly can I get a protective order?
  • What will the court consider in making their decision?
  • What happens to my children during the process and afterwards?
  • Do I have to report the abuse to the police and/or Children’s Services?
  • Can I change the locks at home?
  • Will I have to give evidence at court?
  • Will I have to come into contact with the other side during the proceedings?
  • I have been served with a Non-Molestation Order; am I given an opportunity to respond to the allegations made?
  • Am I eligible for Legal Aid?
  • What additional support services are available locally?

During our initial meeting we clarify things for you and explain the options open to you – depending on your specific situation.

Our support for the ‘Ask Me’ movement

Our family team are all ambassadors for the Women’s Aid ‘Ask Me’ movement.  This scheme is intended to break the silence about domestic abuse within communities, increase understanding and remove the barriers that make it hard for survivors to tell others about their experiences. Our primary role as ambassadors is to act as gate openers for those seeking help by ensuring people are signposted to the support services available locally.

Useful links

The Portal helps you to find advice and support in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex. 

Respect works with domestic violence perpetrators, male victims of domestic violence and young people’s violence in close relationship. 

The Freedom Programme provides programmes and courses, including an online course. 

The Change Grow Live portal for Hastings and East Sussex.

For further information or to speak to one of our experts please call us on: