Divorce and Separation Solicitors in Eastbourne

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship, whether you are married or not, is a life-changing event and a difficult situation for anyone to cope with, especially when you have spent a substantial period with your partner or spouse and have created a family together.

Our divorce and separation solicitors in Eastbourne are devoted to helping clients navigate through one of life’s hardest challenges. We will take the time to understand the matter at hand, including your circumstances and needs and provide carefully tailored advice to assist you.

Our solicitors in Eastbourne have outstanding expertise in a wide range of divorce and separation issues, including:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Divorce financial settlements, including where it is a high net worth divorce
  • Children arrangements
  • Applying prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements
  • Applying separation agreements
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as:
    • Family mediation
    • Collaborative law
    • Arbitration
  • Court proceedings

When you choose to work with our friendly divorce and separation solicitors in Eastbourne, you can be reassured that we will always have your best interests at heart, with the hope of securing a swift and stress-free outcome that you are completely content with.

We understand the desire to avoid court and will first recommend attempting to resolve any issues through methods of ADR, which is cheaper and quicker and removes the unnecessary conflict that can be fashioned in a courtroom.

  • Explain your options in clear, plain, easy to understand English – we do this so you can be assured any decisions you make are the best for your needs and circumstances
  • Be available to provide support and guidance – should you need support at any point, our solicitors are ready to promptly respond to any calls or emails
  • Be completely transparent about our fees – you will receive a detailed quote about our services from the outset. If you require further details on our fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Our divorce and separation services in Eastbourne

Divorce proceedings

Applying for a divorce can feel like a stressful and complicated matter, but it couldn’t be easier, especially since the new divorce law, no fault divorce, has come into effect.

Despite the change to the law, it’s important to have the advice and specialist support of an expert divorce solicitor. Our divorce solicitors will assist with drafting the application, ensuring every detail is met to prevent any mistakes and delays in the process.

Our solicitors will assist with all the legalities involved in making a divorce application, including:

  • Drafting and filing divorce petitions
  • Responding to divorce petitions

Divorce financial settlements

Even though your divorce has been finalised, this doesn’t automatically cut all ties with your ex-spouse. There are still other issues to resolve, such as divorce financial settlements. The division of assets can be a complicated matter that has the potential to cause conflict to arise, particularly where you have different views on what you are entitled to.

Our solicitors have assisted many divorcing couples with their financial settlement, including those with a small number of assets and those with a high net worth.

Our aim is to use methods like private negotiation, mediation, or arbitration in hopes of amicably finding a result that both parties are completely satisfied with and that supports their needs and circumstances. If a voluntary financial settlement cannot be reached with your spouse, we have aided many clients in making successful applications to the court for financial orders.

Our divorce financial settlement solicitors have expertise advising on matters including:

  • High net worth divorces
  • Property, including the family home, investment property, and more
  • Pensions
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Inheritance
  • Trusts
  • Business assets
  • International assets

Children arrangements

Most often, the biggest cause for concern during a separation or divorce is what will happen in terms of your children, and this can have an emotional impact on both parties involved.

We will always attempt to make arrangements for your children in an amicable manner, making sure to meet your needs and circumstances.

Our child arrangement solicitors in Eastbourne are experts in issues surrounding:

  • Where children will live
  • Child contact arrangements
  • Child orders, such as specific issue orders and prohibited steps orders
  • Grandparents’ rights

Learn more about our child law expertise.

Applying prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements

If you made a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage ceremony or post ceremony, as long as the desired criteria were met, the court is likely to uphold the agreement. Our solicitors will assist with ensuring the prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement is upheld.

Applying cohabitation agreements

Before an unmarried couple makes the decision to cohabit together, they have the opportunity to enter into a cohabitation agreement to record what should happen in the event the relationship breaks down in the future.

If you, unfortunately, come to a point in your life where you separate, our solicitors can ensure that the cohabitation agreement is put into use, so it respects both your and your former partner’s wishes.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Sometimes divorce and separation matters can be arranged without a judge’s involvement. This is done through alternative dispute resolution, including:

Family mediation

Mediation is the most popular form of ADR in divorce and separation proceedings. Before you can go to court, they often expect to see an attempt at alternative dispute resolution.

During family mediation, the divorcing or separating couple will meet with a trained neutral mediator in an attempt to find an outcome that both parties are satisfied with. This is most usually for matters such as arrangements for children and divorce financial settlements. The mediator will provide specialist advice and guidance to assist the involved parties.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law is an ADR method that is extremely similar to mediation, except it is legally binding.

During the process, the involved couple will each be individually represented by their collaborative lawyers. The couple and their lawyers will discuss the matter and try to find a solution that both parties are satisfied with. 


Arbitration can be compared to court proceedings but is less formal, more cost-effective, and timelier.

During the arbitration, the involved parties will meet with a qualified arbitrator, and the arguments and supporting evidence will be presented. The arbitrator will make the final decision based on the arguments and evidence; this decision will be legally binding.

Our divorce and separation solicitors have assisted many families over the years in preparing robust arguments that have the ability to get the outcome they desire.

Court Proceedings

Where ADR methods are not appropriate or have been attempted without success, court proceedings may be the only method to achieve a resolution.

At Heringtons, we acknowledge that going to court can be a daunting situation, with the main concern being that you may not get the result that you want. Our divorce and separation solicitors will be with you through each step of the way, ready to construct a robust argument and supporting documentation. We have a proven track record for success and will tirelessly fight your corner.

Get in touch with our friendly, experienced divorce and separation solicitors in Eastbourne

For advice about resolving your divorce and separation matters, contact our solicitors in Eastbourne.

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