Commercial Property Solicitors in Eastbourne

While commercial property certainly presents a profitable investment opportunity, there are also plenty of risks which need to be carefully navigated. Having tailored legal support from our commercial property solicitors in Eastbourne can make all the difference and ensure you are able to maximise your investment, no matter what it may involve.

Our commercial property team in Eastbourne have a wide range of expertise which they use to support on various types of commercial transactions. From assisting with the process of buying or selling a property, through to resolving commercial property disputes and dealing with property development.

Following an initial consultation with our team, you will be provided with a written estimate of our fees so that you are able to make an informed decision as to how you would like to proceed.

Our commercial law solicitors in Eastbourne have expertise in handling matters involving:

  • Buying and selling investment property
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Commercial leases
  • Commercial landlord and tenant matters
  • Agricultural property
  • Secured lending
  • Commercial property disputes

No matter your individual circumstances, or what you are looking to achieve, we can tailor our advice to suit your priorities.

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Our commercial property services in Eastbourne

Buying or selling an investment property in Eastbourne

Investing in a commercial property certainly has its pros, but it is important to get the right terms in place at an early stage. This means that, if any problems or complications arise, you will have a clear plan in place to deal with them and ensure you secure the highest possible returns.

If you own office, retail, industrial or other type of commercial property and you have plans to buy or sell, our commercial property lawyers in Eastbourne can advise you on your options and all of the steps you need to take.

Residential and commercial development in Eastbourne

As you may be aware, the process of acquiring or selling a land can be a complex process. Whether you have plans to sell land to a developer, or you are a developer looking to expand their portfolio, our team in Eastbourne can support you with your transaction, even where there may be additional complex factors that need to be taken care of.

Our commercial property solicitors in Eastbourne work alongside a wide range of clients on all aspects of both residential and commercial development. With our support, you can be certain that every detail will be taken care of and that your matter will be handled in the best way of your interests.

Commercial leases in Eastbourne

Commercial leases can be very complex documents which determine the details of a very important relationship between landlords and tenants. Whenever you are drafting, negotiating or signing a commercial lease, getting expert legal advice is essential.

Our commercial lease solicitors in Eastbourne advise on all types of landlord and tenant matters, helping with various matters, including the negotiation of brand new leases, variation of existing leases, licenses to occupy, alterations to leasehold premises and Stamp Duty Land Tax and land registration.

Agricultural property in Eastbourne

Agricultural property matters require specific legal expertise to resolve, with there being a range of considerations that set them apart from other standard types of commercial property. Seeking advice from solicitors who have specialist expertise in handling agricultural property matters is therefore essential.

Our specialist agricultural property solicitors in Eastbourne can provide bespoke legal support on a range of matters, ranging from the purchase of agricultural property, farm business tenancies and protected agricultural tenancies.

Secured lending in Eastbourne

Commercial property transactions will typically require some form of finances. However, the terms of the finance are likely to have substantial consequences for the transaction as a whole, and the future operations of the business. It is therefore important to have the right finances terms in place as soon as possible.

Our commercial property solicitors in Eastbourne provide a comprehensive service for clients who have plans to borrow from commercial mortgage lenders, advising on all of the aspects of secured lending.

Commercial property disputes in Eastbourne

Commercial property disputes tend to be extremely complex and, often, disruptive to all parties concerned. Resolving these types of disputes while keeping any potential conflict to a minimum is by no means a simple process, but it is something our team specialise in.

Our commercial property disputes solicitors are highly experienced in handling various types of disputes, with a strong reputation for securing positive outcome, often without the need for any court proceedings.

You can find out more about our general dispute resolution services here.

Our commercial property law fees in Eastbourne

Fixed fee commercial property law advice in Eastbourne

Our commercial property solicitors in Eastbourne understand that the fees involved in handling these types of matters will be incredibly important to you. As such, we will always provide a clear estimate of all the costs involved in your case so you can budget accordingly.

When instructed, our team will make sure to keep our fees to a minimum and we will always agree all expenditure in advance so that you can stay in control of your costs.

Hourly rates for commercial property law advice in Eastbourne

In some cases, our commercial property solicitors in Eastbourne will be able to agree on a competitive hourly rate. This depends on the level of expertise required. Doing so will ensure that you have the right level of support, while also allowing you to keep full control over the costs involved.

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