How long will probate take?

The circumstances of each person are unique and those circumstances inform their Estates so there is no set time period for an administration.  We would hope to be able to administer most simple Estates within six to 12 months of instruction.  We’ll keep in touch with you from time to time in order to tell you the position we have reached and how matters are progressing so that you know if the Estate you are dealing with is expected to take longer than this for any reason.

Estates which are apparently simple can prove to be complicated and take much more time than is envisaged at the outset.  Similarly, a large estate may prove to be straightforward.  Difficulties may arise for any number of reasons.

Typical problems which may substantially increase the time taken are:

  • the need to go through and sort out numerous old papers;
  • searching for details of lifetime gifts which the deceased may have made;
  • difficulty in realising assets or in settling tax or other liabilities;
  • difficulty in tracing beneficiaries or in dealing with beneficiaries who are under age;
  • foreign property and the need to liaise with foreign lawyers;
  • trusts in which the deceased had an interest;
  • agricultural or business property, especially Lloyd's assets which cannot be wound up for at least three years;

There may also be scope for tax planning and consideration of a Deed of Variation (varying the effect of the Will or the intestacy rules).

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