Property Disputes

Your property is often the largest expense and most important purchase you will make and it’s not just bricks and mortar it’s your home.  When something happens to it you need to have the right guidance and advice from the start and know that the advice and help you are getting comes from a specialist with experience.

How our dispute resolution solicitors can help

Whether you have a dispute with your neighbour about a boundary, someone is stopping you from using a right of way, or you need to establish a right of way yourself, you need a team who have experience resolving these types of dispute - whether through negotiation, mediation, the County Court or the specialist property Courts.

We are also experienced in dealing with complex issues such as adverse possession.  If someone has been using your land without permission it may be possible for them to claim it as their own - your valuable asset could be taken from you without receiving payment.

You may also find that you have been using land that you thought was your own but is not - maybe you need to claim ownership and protect your interests?

There is no such thing as a typical property dispute.  Each property and each set of circumstances is unique.  Backed by a selection of highly respected and skilled barristers from local and London-based chambers, our litigation team can adapt to your needs and your requirements.

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