Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Settlement Agreements

When your employment is terminating your Employer may ask you to sign a Settlement Agreement which records the terms on which your employment ends and prevents you from bringing claims against your Employer. It is therefore important that you obtain the advice and assistance of experienced professionals on any claims that you may have against your Employer and the terms of the proposed Settlement Agreement.

How our employment law and settlement agreement solicitors can help

We know that the termination of your employment can often be a very difficult time, and often happen with little or no warning.

However, our specialist lawyers can guide you through the whole process, from advising you on any claims that you may have against your Employer, any steps that your Employer has taken against you, and the terms of the proposed Settlement Agreement, through to negotiating the final terms of the Settlement Agreement and facilitating payment of the monies due from your Employer.

We appreciate that clients will sometimes need to obtain advice as a matter of urgency and we are usually able to advise clients within 24 hours of being contacted, and complete the whole process within 48 hours. 

Often your Employer will pay a contribution towards our charges, which may mean that you end up paying us very little or nothing for our services.

If you feel that we could be of assistance, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Muckle or Make an Enquiry.

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