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Business law matters can often be complicated, expensive and lengthy without the assistance of a solicitor. Getting expert help can significantly increase your chances of success, in addition to safeguarding the interests and reputation of the business, especially where a dispute is of concern.

Our specialist business law solicitors in Hastings can provide the support you need, providing reassurance that everything has been done correctly. At Heringtons Solicitors, the team will provide clear, realistic advice about what can be achieved, helping to find the most suitable short and long-term solutions for your circumstances and needs.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our solicitors recognise the disruption business law matters can impose on your business. Our team have years of collective skill and expertise assisting with all levels of business law matters, including:

  • Commercial property
  • Buying and selling your business
  • Buying and selling your company
  • Partnership matters
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Commercial dispute resolution

At Heringtons Solicitors, our business law solicitors in Hastings believe in seeking constructive methods, which helps to avoid needless conflict where physically possible.

In most business law cases, we are able to avoid costly court proceedings. Instead, we guide clients towards strategic alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches. These methods often include private negotiation and mediation.

When you appoint a solicitor from our business law team, you can be reassured we will:

  • Explain all your options in plain, easy-to-understand English – so you can make the best decisions for your business
  • Always be there for your business when it need support – all you need to do is pick up the phone or drop a direct email to your business law solicitor
  • Be upfront and honest about our costs – a detailed quote and certainty about our fees from start to finish. Contact us for advice about business law services

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Our business law services in Hastings

Commercial property

In business, commercial property is a valuable asset, so matters concerning buying, selling, development and more are important and need accurately and efficiently approaching with the support of a solicitor who knows how.

Whether you’re starting up a business, relocating or something else, our friendly solicitors are on hand to help, providing proficient advice and practical support. Without a solicitor’s assistance, delays can occur. Our team can provide a smooth sailing transaction.

Our commercial property service in Hastings includes:

  • Buying and selling investment property
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Commercial leases
  • Commercial landlord and tenant matters
  • Agricultural property
  • Secured lending
  • Commercial property disputes

Find more about our commercial property services in Hastings.

Buying and selling your business

Buying and selling a business involves many legalities, including the transaction agreement, which involves what is included/excluded in the transaction, apportioning the sale/purchase price between the range of elements, VAT, property aspects, employee rights or the transfer of operating licences. Acquiring legal advice and assistance from a solicitor can make certain everything is done correctly.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our business law team will handle all aspects in an efficient manner. Our solicitors will make sure your legal terms are properly met, the transaction terms proposed are in your best interests, and your investment is protected.

Our buying and selling business solicitors in Hastings understand how complex business transactions can be, and we strive to reduce the stress levels often involved in such cases.

Buying and selling your company

If you are interested in buying or selling your company, it’s crucial to seek legal advice and support from an experienced solicitor. Protecting your investment and ensuring your business’s best interests are met is our main concern at Heringtons Solicitors, and we will work proactively to achieve this.

At Heringtons Solicitors, we have helped buy and sell companies of all sizes. Working carefully with clients over the years, we have developed a broad scope of knowledge and will make sure to mitigate any potential risks in the transaction.

Our business law solicitors in Hastings can deliver help with matters such as:

  • Guiding you through due diligence
  • Indemnities
  • Warranties
  • Disclosure
  • Company law implications

Partnership matters

Businesses created as partnerships are common, but more often than not, impose a number of issues, particularly if one partner does something the other is not happy with. To protect your business and personal liability, having a partnership agreement in place is important, as those without are governed by the Partnership Act 1890, which is outdated and can be detrimental.

Our solicitors in Hastings can add value and protection to your partnership by developing a robust agreement that suits your needs. We have worked with clients from all backgrounds and industries and can tirelessly fight your corner to achieve the best result.

Our team of business law solicitors in Hastings can provide support with partnership matters that include:

  • Forming a business partnership
  • Adding new partners to the partnership
  • Amending or updating a partnership agreement
  • Exiting a business partnership

Shareholder agreements

Shareholders play an important part in a business, but unfortunately, disagreements between shareholders can occur. Having a robust shareholder agreement in place is crucial to dictate how disputes will be handled.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our solicitors have a broad scope of knowledge and skill in creating a beneficial shareholder agreement that ensures both the business and your personal interests are best met and protected.

Our lawyers for shareholder agreements in Hasting can help with matters to include:

  • Advice on the benefits of shareholder agreements
  • Advising the types of suitable shareholder agreements
  • Drafting a shareholder agreement
  • Reviewing the terms of a shareholder agreement
  • Support with shareholder agreement disputes

Commercial contracts

When using third party suppliers, it’s essential to have effective commercial contracts in place to protect your business should something go wrong. Our commercial contracts solicitors in Hastings can provide proficient advice and practical guidance using our many years of expertise.

Our team will ensure everything is properly handled, including drafting and reviewing contracts and personalising the terms to suit the business’s needs.

Our commercial contract solicitors in Hastings can assist with putting strong commercial contracts in place for matters that include:

  • Supply of goods
  • Supply of services
  • Terms of business
  • Promotion agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Private secured lending

Commercial dispute resolution

Commercial disputes can be extremely damaging and troublesome for a business. Disputes have the potential to impact daily operations, profit margins, reputation and much more. Receiving swift advice is paramount to ensure your interests are protected.

At Heringtons Solicitors, our team will encourage tactical approaches to commercial disputes, such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. Where these are not suitable for your circumstances, our solicitors have a strong track record for success during court litigation and can provide robust preparation and representation.

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Get in touch with our friendly, experienced business law solicitors in Hastings

For advice about business law services, contact our solicitors in Hastings.

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