Commercial Property Solicitors in Hastings

Investing in commercial property can be a valuable investment for your business, but it can also provide potential risks, both during and after the transaction.

Our solicitors in Hastings have worked with businesses of all sizes and from various industries with their commercial property needs, delivering expert advice and hands-on support to guide you and your business.

Our commercial property solicitors in Hastings can provide assistance with matters including:

  • Buying and selling investment property
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Commercial leases
  • Commercial landlord and tenant matters
  • Secured lending
  • Commercial property disputes

When we work with you and your business, we always aim to deliver a fully bespoke service with constructive advice and guidance, to help you ensure your business is protected in the best way possible.

If your commercial property matter in Hastings relates to a commercial property dispute, our team strives to maintain professional relationships and reduce conflict where possible through strategic out-of-court approaches.

When you instruct our commercial property lawyers in Hastings, you can trust us to:

  • Explain all your options in plain, easy-to-understand English – so you can make the best decisions for you
  • Always be there for you when you need support – all you need to do is pick up the phone or drop a direct email to your commercial lawyer
  • Be upfront and honest about our costs – a detailed fee estimate to provide transparency about our fees from start to finish. Contact us for advice about our commercial property law fees

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Our commercial property services in Hastings

Buying and selling investment property

When it comes to commercial property conveyancing, there are a number of matters to consider in the process, ensuring your business’s interests and future success is at the forefront of what you do.

Our commercial property conveyancing solicitors have worked with a wide pool of clients, having assisted clients with all types of commercial property conveyancing in Hastings, including purchasing and selling offices, retail stores, industrial buildings and more.

When you instruct our team to handle your transaction, you can be confident that everything is being appropriately managed, allowing you to focus your time on your business and its goals.

Residential and commercial development

Development projects, whether residential or commercial, are often large scale operations. These types of projects often have many different issues that need appropriately addressing to ensure your business is in line with the relevant legislation.

Our solicitors in Hastings have a proven track record of experience in advising and acting on behalf of developers during the process, including with key tasks from site acquisition and negotiating planning agreements. We can further assist with any challenges you may face, including disputes, unforeseen expenses, construction errors and more, and ensure you understand commercial property law and correctly follow it.

Commercial leases and other commercial landlord and tenant matters

Commercial leases are often a fundamental blueprint to control day-to-day use of a commercial property, protecting both landlords and tenants should any potential issues or disagreements arise during a tenancy.

Our solicitors can provide assistance with drafting a robust commercial lease for landlords, in addition to reviewing and negotiating a lease on behalf of a tenant.

Our solicitors have expertise in commercial landlord and tenant matters, including:

  • Negotiation of new commercial leases
  • Assignments of existing leases
  • Under-lettings
  • Variation of leases
  • Licences to occupy
  • Alterations to leasehold premises
  • Repairing obligations
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Land registration

Secured lending

Not all businesses have the funds to buy a commercial property outright and may need assistance from the bank to fund the purchase.

Our commercial property solicitors in Hasting can provide assistance on secured lending matters, including:

  • Facility agreements
  • Debentures
  • Legal charges and mortgages
  • Acting as a guarantor

Commercial property disputes

A commercial property dispute can have a serious impact on your business, from financial difficulty to disruption of operations. Seeking advice and support at the earliest opportunity can reduce conflict and avoid matters escalating further.

Our solicitors encourage clients to seek tactical out-of-court solutions, lessening the time and money that often goes into court cases. We have helped many clients overcome their issues and maintain professional relationships where possible.

Find out more about our dispute resolution services in Hastings.

Our commercial property solicitors in Hastings fees

At Heringtons Solicitors, we recognise how important finance and budgeting is for businesses. That’s why from the outset, we provide a clear cost estimate so you can make a fully informed decision before we carry out any legal work on your behalf.

Our costs always reflect the quality of our work in addition to being competitive and on par with other local firms.

Fixed fee commercial property law advice in Hastings

Some commercial property matters are more straightforward to assist with than others. Should your requirements be quick and simple to resolve or assist with, our team may be able to provide our services on a fixed fee basis, where our outstanding advice and assistance can be delivered at a cheaper rate. This means we can provide clear and transparent fees so you can budget accordingly.

Should the circumstances change, we may need to adjust our prices, but we will never do so without your understanding and permission.

Hourly rates for commercial property law advice in Hastings

Where your commercial property is more complex and requires a further level of legal knowledge and skill, we may need to charge our services at an hourly rate.

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