Will Making Solicitors

Making a will ensures that your money, property, and belongings are distributed when you die according to your wishes and makes it easier for your family and friends to sort everything out at what is usually an emotional and often a stressful time. It gives you peace of mind and certainty to those you leave behind.

Why making a will is important

Without a will, the distribution of your assets will be dictated by a standard set of statutory ‘intestacy’ rules and, however straightforward your affairs, that may not reflect what you intended or be tax efficient.

Making a will is especially important if you have children or others who are financially dependent on you as it ensures that the people who matter most to you are provided for in the future.

Even if you already have a will in place, we advise all our clients to review their wills every five years to make sure that they cover any changes in their personal circumstances and deal with their estates in the most tax efficient way should there be any changes to tax legislation.

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