Residential Property Pricing Freehold Purchase

At Heringtons we pride ourselves on offering a clear pricing structure for the high level of service we provide.  We ensure there are no hidden charges.  Not all firms offer the same level of service and this is reflected in the fees charged. Heringtons do not charge fixed fees so you will only pay for the time spent on your matter. 

We provide an estimate related to the value of the property involved. This is because in our experience this is a good guide to the level of work involved.  But, every transaction is different depending on your needs and circumstances and the type of property involved so we’ll let you know if the estimate needs to be reviewed.  We aim to help you move on the day you choose and don’t usually charge more just because we need to act quickly. Our charges for the purchase of a single residential freehold property are estimated to be:

Property price        




Up to £175,000     £850£170£1,020

£175,001 to £250,000         

£250,001 to £500,000£1,050£210 £1,260
£500,001 to £750,000 £1,250£250£1,500

£750,001 to £1 million 

£1,550 £310£1,860

£1 million to £1.2 million   











In addition to the figures shown above there will be further time spent in appropriate transactions at the estimated cost shown:

Where the property is a new build£200 + VAT(£240)
Where you obtain a mortgage* £125 + VAT(£150)
Help to Buy Loan  £350 + VAT(£420)
Help to Buy ISA or LISA £50 + VAT(£60)
Investment Property£100 + VAT







*Excluding bridging finance which is charged on a separate basis, an estimate for dealing with which will be provided on request.

We will also charge the following for each bank transfer made during your transaction:

Transfer by BACs (takes 4 days) £25 + VAT each(£30)
Transfer by CHAPs (same day) £40 + VAT each(£48) 



If the time spent on your transaction at completion is less than that estimated at the outset, we will charge you less; we may have to charge you more but this is unusual and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can. The amount you pay is calculated using the following hourly rates:

PositionHourly Rate
Partner/Senior Solicitor£200-£260 
Senior Licensed Conveyancer£200
Junior Solicitor £180
Chartered Legal Executive £180
Conveyancing Executive£180 


The work on your sale will be handled by a named specialist property lawyer helped by trained admin staff. Your lawyer can call on a wide range of expertise across Heringtons to support you in any unusual situations that may arise.

Disbursements are costs paid to others, such as the Land Registry. We ask for a payment in advance so that we can easily handle these disbursements to ensure your move proceeds as smoothly as possible.  Usual payments include:

  1. Searches                                                          £350 upwards (varies as to Local
  2. Land Registry Official Copies                          £3 per entry/plan/document obtained
  3. Land Registry Searches                                 £3 per title searched
  4. Bankruptcy Searches                                     £2 per name searched
  5. HM Land Registration Fee                             See below
Property PriceFee
Up to £80,000£20 
£80,001 to £100,000£40 
£100,001 to £200,000£95
£200,001 to £500,000£135
£500,001 to £1 million£270
£1 million plus£455







Please note if the transaction involves a transfer of part (which can include a new build) the registration fee is doubled by the Land Registry

You will also be required to pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax (‘SDLT’) due which we cannot estimate at this stage.  However, you may wish to refer to the SDLT Calculator on the  website.

In a freehold purchase transaction, our estimates allow for the following steps:

  • Taking your instructions and providing any initial advice;
  • Preliminary checks as to gifted deposits/funds from third parties, eg relatives;
  • Making initial contact with third parties as necessary;
  • Reviewing title documentation and providing advice;
  • Carrying out searches, providing copies of the results and reporting on those to you;
  • Advising you as to any disclaimer for not taking out searches (should you be a cash buyer);
  • Applying for further planning or building regulation documents, if not provided by the Seller, where relevant (please note there may be additional fees charged by the Local Authority);
  • Raising appropriate enquiries with the Seller’s lawyers;
  • Reviewing and advising you as to any indemnity policy required;
  • Reporting to you as to satisfactory replies to enquiries and other matters regarding the property in general;
  • Reporting to you upon your mortgage, if any;
  • Obtaining any Consent to Mortgage, where necessary;
  • Dealing with special conditions imposed within a mortgage offer;
  • Completing the SDLT Return for your approval;
  • Sending the contract/transfer/SDLT Return to you for signature;
  • Checking your proposed buildings insurance on behalf of any lender;
  • Exchanging contracts, forwarding any deposit due to the Seller’s lawyers;
  • Confirming title to your lender and requesting any mortgage advance;
  • Authenticating the Seller’s lawyers and their financial details to minimise fraud;
  • Confirming funds, if any required from you;
  • Arranging the transfer of funds on completion to the Seller’s lawyer;
  • Notifying all relevant parties of completion;
  • Submitting the SDLT Return to HMRC and arranging payment from funds received from you;
  • Putting any indemnity insurance policy (not provided by the Seller’s lawyers) at risk;
  • Applying for registration at the Land Registry and dealing with requisitions raised;
  • Dealing with straight-forward post completion matters such as retentions or restrictions;
  • Sending your lender copies of the registration title documents where so required;
  • Sending you confirmation of the registration and where relevant, any deeds;
  • Reasonable liaison with you, any lender and third parties throughout; and
  • Retaining and storing deeds on request.

On rare occasions there are unexpected complexities or things take longer than expected. Examples include drafting a Declaration of Trust or approval of Legal Charge, investigating a gifted deposit from abroad, drafting any Insolvency Declaration, issues involving any agricultural aspects, overage and/or unregistered land or providing advice as to letting a property post completion.  We will discuss with you as soon as possible any issues that are likely to mean an increase in our fees and we will provide an updated estimate.

For further information or to speak to one of our experts please call us on: