Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Office Dog

Hugo lives with Richard Fisher the firm’s Managing Partner. Hugo has no qualifications except that he is friendly. One of his roles is to provide a calming influence around the office with his soft personality (and especially soft ears!).  Hugo has had no formal training for the role but he is an advocate of life-long learning and, surprisingly, is always ready to learn new tricks. Hugo has attended many a Hastings Legal Walk and also various obstacle course charity events, Bring your Dog to Work and Christmas Jumper days. But his major role is as a social media star. He visits the firm’s offices in Rye, Hastings, Bexhill, Battle and Eastbourne whenever he can get a lift there. Hugo also helps out as a reading dog at a local school by lending two soft ears to listen to children who struggle reading to adults and his non-judgmental approach has improved reading levels in the school.

In his spare time he enjoys walks whether woodland or beach based but prefers running alongside a bicycle. He loves sunbathing but never gets a tan. Though he is very much an indoors sort of chap and hates gardening. In fact, he prefers not to be outside at all if it is raining and wet grass is definitely to be avoided. His favourite meal is fish flavoured biscuits but he isn’t a fussy eater. He has mixed feelings about cats: inside the house he’s happy to cuddle up but outside, they’re fair game to chase.

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