Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Disputes between landlords and their tenants can quickly become very contentious, with the potential to take a lot of time, money and effort to resolve. However, with the right legal advice and a constructive approach, even the most challenging issues can typically be resolved in a way that works for you with minimal fuss.

At Heringtons, we advise landlords and tenants dealing with disputes related to both commercial and residential properties. Taking an intelligent and practical approach, we can help you get the outcome you need in the right way for your short and long-term priorities.

Our landlord-tenant dispute resolution expertise includes:

  • Rent arrears 
  • Rent disputes 
  • Dilapidation disputes
  • Anti-social behaviour disputes
  • Disputes over break clauses
  • Possession proceedings
  • Adverse possession

Drawing on our many years of experience, our landlord-tenant disputes solicitors can clearly identify your legal position and options, then guide you towards the right outcome for even the most complex landlord-tenant disputes.

We tailor our approach to your priorities and concerns and can typically resolve most landlord-tenant disputes without the need for court proceedings. This can save both sides time, money and conflict, allowing you to preserve a more positive landlord-tenant relationship for the future.

We offer flexible funding options to match your circumstances, ensuring everyone can benefit from our high level of expertise.

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Our landlord and tenant dispute resolution services

Rent arrears

Rent arrears can be a huge problem for landlords, harming their cashflow, affecting their ability to service their debts and undermining the return on their investment. Of course, there are situations where a tenant may be genuinely unable to pay their rent for a variety of reasons, so a sensible approach is required.

Our landlord-tenant disputes solicitors can advise on your legal position and options during a rent arrears dispute, helping you to achieve a positive outcome that best matches your situation.

Rent disputes

Disputes over rent can arise at any point during a tenancy, but often crop up at the point where the landlord wishes to raise the rent. When a tenant wishes to raise a rent dispute or a landlord needs to respond to a dispute, it is important to make sure the costs of dealing with the issue do not outweigh the amount in dispute.

Our team will work with you to find a solution while always being realistic about the likely costs involved, so you can make a pragmatic decision about how to proceed.

Dilapidation disputes

Dilapidations issues often arise at the end of a tenancy where a landlord and tenant disagree over whether the property has been left in an acceptable condition. Disputes can also arise following a landlord inspection during the course of a tenancy.

Our landlord and tenant dispute resolution experts can advise you on your options, including negotiating a settlement or taking the matter to court if required.

Anti-social behaviour disputes

Where a tenant has been accused of anti-social behaviour, it can cause serious problems for the tenant and their landlord. While eviction may sometimes be unavoidable, there is often the chance for the parties to work together to address the issues.

Our experts can work with you to protect your interests and find the best possible resolution, while keeping any disruption and cost to a minimum.

Disputes over break clauses

Break clauses are a standard feature of commercial leases, but they are also a common area of dispute. Landlords and tenants can sometimes disagree about whether the conditions of a break clause have been met with significant financial implications for either party depending on the outcome.

Our landlord-tenant dispute solicitors can provide clear advice on how the terms of a break clause apply to your circumstances and help work towards an outcome that matches your commercial interests.

Possession proceedings

There are strict rules landlords must follow when seeking to regain vacant possession of their property. Whether you are a landlord initiating possession proceedings or a tenant responding to possession proceedings, good legal advice is essential.

Our team can guide landlords and tenants through possession proceedings, including exploring alternatives that may be faster and more cost-effective while protecting your rights.

Adverse possession

Adverse possession, commonly known as ‘squatters’ rights’, can be complicated to deal with. It is important to take legal advice at an early stage to avoid making any mistakes which could undermine your position or open you up to the risk of legal action.

Our landlord and tenant disputes solicitors can represent you when dealing with an adverse possession scenario, making sure your property rights are defended.

Resolving landlord-tenant disputes cost-effectively

We will always seek to find the fastest, most cost-effective way to resolve your dispute. In many cases, this can be achieved without the need for contentious court proceedings, with various options to help you settle a dispute early and in an amicable way.

Our landlord-tenant dispute solicitors can help with options including:

Clear advice on your legal position

Tenancy agreements are often complex as are the circumstances that can lead to a dispute between a landlord and tenant. Our team can quickly review your situation and make your legal position crystal clear, so you know where you stand. We can then advise on your legal options and give you a realistic idea of the likely outcomes you can hope to achieve.

A letter before action

The starting point for resolving a landlord-tenant dispute is usually to have a solicitor draft a letter before action setting out:

  • The reason for the dispute as you see it
  • Your legal position
  • The outcome you would like to achieve
  • What action you are prepared to take if you a suitable resolution cannot be reached amicably

Our team have a strong track record of success with drafting letters before action for our clients, with this often being all that is required to secure agreement from the other party on a fair solution.

Alternative dispute resolution for landlord-tenant disputes

Where the parties cannot immediately agree a mutually acceptable solution but wish to avoid court proceedings, it is usually possible to negotiate an amicable agreement on an outcome. Our landlord-tenant disputes solicitors can support you in constructive negotiations, as well as advising on other non-confrontational approaches, such as mediation.

We can thus give you the best chance of achieving a fair outcome without the need for court action, saving you time, money, stress and unnecessary conflict.

Court proceedings

Where an amicable agreement cannot be reached, it may be necessary to take your landlord-tenant dispute to court. Should this be the case, our team can help with preparing your case and ensure you have the best possible representation for any court hearings you need to attend.

Our landlord & tenant dispute resolution fees

We work efficiently to keep your costs to a minimum. You will be given a clear cost estimate at the outset which will then be reviewed at every stage of your case, so you always know exactly how much our legal advice is going to cost.

Fixed fee landlord & tenant dispute resolution

Where appropriate, we can agree a fixed price for handling specific matters, such as drafting and issuing a letter before action or providing representation for individual meetings with the other party. This gives you complete certainty over the costs involved.

Hourly rates for our legal advice

Where ongoing support is required, we charge competitive hourly rates. We will provide a realistic estimate of costs at the outset, then regularly update you on the work completed and the costs involved so you stay in control.

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