Why I chose to support The Silver Line charity

by Beth Reid, Trainee Solicitor 

Continuing our spring rewards scheme where employees can nominate their favourite charities Beth chose The Silver Line (charity number 1147330) to receive a £100 donation from the firm.  She explained:- "The charity provides a 24 hour helpline for the older generation providing information, advice, and most importantly, friendship. Not only do they wish to combat loneliness, but they intend to protect and support older people who are suffering abuse and neglect.

There are thousands of people who experience loneliness and often have no one to talk to. This has been intensified as a result of the pandemic. A simple and friendly phone call to an older person experiencing loneliness can make the world of difference. Here is my story…

I worked at a supermarket when I was 18 and waiting to start university. I was well aware that I would often be the only person some people would speak to so I was always open for a chat…after all, it made the day go faster! There was one elderly gentleman who I spoke to regularly and he eventually began visiting the supermarket most days and we would always have a chat. He learnt I was due to study Law and I learnt that he had lawyers in his family, but he himself was an author. I learnt so much from him and he was very supportive of my ambitions to work in the legal industry, even recommending various books I could read in preparation for my degree!

We stayed in contact when I moved to University and became ‘pen pals’. I would keep him updated on my studies and life adventures and he would update me on the progress of his books (which often went to publication)! He always said how happy he was to receive my letters. To be honest, I think that meant more to me than it did to him.

He is well into his 90’s now and we still keep in contact!  A simple telephone call led to 7 years of friendship, and not only did it make him feel less alone, but I learnt so much from him which helped me get where I am today." 


More on the work of The Silver Line charity can be found here 

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