Why I chose to support Prostate Cancer UK

by Nikki Coward, Partner and Landlord & Tenant Solicitor


Nikki explains why she asked the firm to support Prostate Cancer UK with a £250 donation this spring.  

"I first became aware of Prostate Cancer UK whilst watching football matches on the television.  Many of the commentators, who are men, wear the "Man of Men" badge.  This opened up a discussion with my husband who informed me that prostate cancer was the biggest killer of men.  I was shocked to learn that 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, reduced to 1 in 4 if the man is black and over 50.  My husband fits that profile so this resonated with me. 

Prostate Cancer UK's website states that, based on the latest data, the number of men dying each year has gone up.  According to their website, 12,000 men died of prostate cancer in one year and most of these men died because their prostate cancer was not detected early enough.  I decided to take part in the 'Run the Month Marathon Edition' to help raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.  So many of those who donated had been directly affected by prostate cancer.  Despite this, prostate cancer is still not widely discussed and yet it is just as big (and as deadly) as breast cancer.  

I would very much like to raise awareness of this terrible disease and, in the words of Prostate Cancer UK, to 'Save our Men'.  

Find out more about the work of Prostate Cancer UK here 

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