A Mum-umental Move Forward!

by Victoria Aked, Family Law Solicitor 

In a change of law passed this week, brides and grooms will now be able to include their mother’s names on the marriage certificate. More famous for their choice of hat than their role in “giving away” their son or daughter, mothers will now be able to include their details on the register entry of the marriage thanks to the Registration of Marriages Regulations 2021. The move is set to be implemented by May 2021.

Since 1837, the marriage register entry in England and Wales has only included details of the fathers of the spouses and not the mother.  In a move welcomed by those in and out of Parliament (especially genealogists!) and 70,000 signees of a 2014 Change.Org petition, England and Wales will move in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland who already allow for the mother’s details to be included. There has been space for mothers on a register of Civil Partnership since 2005.

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